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Fire and Ice



for 6-part a capella choir
(S Mz A T Bar B)
duration: 6'30" 
Winner of the 2013 NOTUS PRIZE, Bloomington Indiana
Performed by NOTUS, directed by Dominick DiOrio
Program Note:

I listened to a recording of Robert Frost reciting his poem, Fire and Ice. He spoke in a cold and austere tone taking very few breaths. His voice was largely monotone, yet with slight lifts at the end of the phrases. His recitation helped me delve into his plainly-worded poem. Considering that the poem was written before many of the atrocities that occurred in the twentieth century, I see Frost’s words as a timeless warning to us all. Even now we find ourselves in midst of several major civil rights movement while wading through the aftermath of a financial disaster. With all the other problems we collectively face, it seems to me that Frost apprises us that indifference will also lead to our demise.

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