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Teaching Demonstration

Course: Digital Synthesis (University of Missouri)

Day 2 and 3 of the semester (day three begins at 36')

Description: In day 2 of the semester, students are reviewing concepts concerning acoustics (frequency, amplitude, phase, timbre). In this lesson, students learn about and experience the concept of timbre as it relates to the spectral makeup of the four basic waveforms in synthesis. Once established, students learn about patching on the E-MU modular synthesizer using the four basic waveforms. The instructor demonstrates how to patch the synthesizer and the concept of signal flow.

In day three, students patch the synthesis in a workshop-style class. The class begins by recreating the patch from day 2, and add components (such as multiple envelopes, Low Pass Filters, and summing multiple oscillators for a more complex sound. By the end of class, students exhibit understanding of signal flow, enveloping, and the skills of building fairly complex patches.

Teaching Demonstration
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