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To see in color


for 5.1 surround video

2015 Art and Science Days, Bourges, France


Program Note:

“I’m colorblind---I don’t see race” is an incredibly tone-deaf statement uttered by some to appear empathetic to people outside their race.  The obvious problem with the statement is that it treats the color of someone’s skin as something that needs to be ignored. As a reaction against the aforementioned statement, I wanted to celebrate what it means to see in color. After all, we express our personal and cultural identities through colors in many ways.


If you think about it, seeing in color is a remarkable thing. We are perceptive to a minuscule frequency band of light, which allows us to exist in a vibrant world. To See in Color probes the anatomy of the eye by tracing the path that light takes before the image information is transmitted to our brains.  The music was composed after I constructed the video, in which I attempted to create soundscapes to enhance the imagery of the video. For instance, I incorporate samples from a set of chromatic desk bells to represent rays of light. As the video zooms in on the cellular level, I establish an alien world using samples from a dog chew toy.


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